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AIDS TREATMENT OF BACK PROBLEMS such as poor posture, backaches, neck and shoulder pain, curvature of the spine (Scoliosis), Osteoporosis, mild to moderate Kyphosis, slumped shoulders, indigestion and erratic bowl. Posture Correction and Round shoulder Clavicle Fracture and AC joint Support
NO MORE “COMPUTER POSTURE”: Yosoo Posture Support Pull Your Round Shoulders Back to Align Your Spine the Way it Should be. Don’t let Sitting all day Damage Your Back Permanently! Feel Your Terrible Pain & Bad Tension Ease Away Quickly & Easily
ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Shoulder STICK STRAP Allow FOR Proper Adjustment for Optimal Fit. Adjustment from 28 to 48 Inch in chest circumference. Yosoo Posture Correction Belt with Premium Quality Materials with Latest Design with Fully Adjustable Straps Means You get a Great Comfortable Fit Every Time – Invisible Under Shirt

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