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High Grade Medical Silicone Bulbs. Easier Cleaning and durability. Used for: Haci Magnetic Cupping, Chinese Medicine Cupping, Magnetic Acupuncture, Magnetic Acupressure, Medical Magnetic Therapy. Haci Magnet. Cupping Therapy.
Haci Magnetic Suction Cups can be used to help eliminate muscle pain & trigger points and help with many conditions and sickness. Chinese Magnetic Cupping, Chinese Magnet Therapy, Chinese Cupping. Medical Cupping. Silicone Cupping. Medical Magnet Therapy. Magnetic Medical Treatment
This Product comes with case, and Chinese written instructional manual (not in English). Information is limited on Haci Cupping without professional training. Cupping Therapy. Silicone Cupping. Chinese Medical Cupping. Chinese Cupping, Cupping Set.

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