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✔ LUMBAR SUPPORT THAT STILL LETS YOU MOVE. Gardening, cleaning, golfing, mowing the lawn, carrying groceries – sometimes, your back needs a little extra help getting it all done. But if your support belt forces you to move like a robot… what’s the point? This lumbar belt is lightweight without sacrificing support, so you can lift, turn and bend in proper alignment (and look human while you do it).
✔ CHOOSE YOUR COMPRESSION LEVEL. Back support shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. That’s why this belt has two fully adjustable straps, so you can customize your fit and level of compression. Make it tighter or loosen it up according to your needs! The straps keep the belt firmly, but comfortably, in place – no slipping, twisting, or riding up. Just wrap it around, secure it to fit, and get on with your day.
✔ TOTALLY NON-DORKY. Let’s face it – lumbar belts aren’t exactly a fashion statement anyone wants to make (but hey, if you do, we won’t judge.) This belt is low profile, fitting discreetly under clothing without adding massive bulk. Silicone stays provide additional support, and feel comfortable even against bare skin…and the soft, padded lumbar pad keeps your lower back tension-free.

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