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IDEAL FOR: For Strain / Sprain, Arthritis, Knee pain / Patellar Instability. Exclusive reinforced patella stabilizer to prevent displacement. Heat retention and compression reduces potential for strain and injury. Open patella design to relieve pressure. Provides compression for weak and over-stressed knees.
INCREASED CIRCULATION: A positive by-product of therapeutic heat is increased blood circulation to the applicable muscle group. This desirable effect has been shown to be extremely helpful to both arthralgic and post arthroscopy conditions. In addition, increased circulation optimizes muscular performance.
RECOVER & PREVENT INJURY: Retains body heat to warm knee and increase blood circulation. The breathable neoprene material helps retain body heat, speeding up the healing process. Minimise chances of future injuries. Provides support and protection to muscles helping with rheumatism and also can be used more generally for sports activities.

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