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ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION SUPPORT: The latest edge trim technology helps prevent the support from slipping and reduces wear. The adjustable strap provides additional support if needed. The Solace Care support is light-weight and comfortable for all-day wear.
IDEAL CHOICE: Ankle sprain Weak ankle Mild Achilles tendinitis stiff or aching ankles, sprains, strains and tendonitis The Solace Care Ankle Support with Straps gives comfortable compression for weak or overstressed ankles. Relieves Swelling and pain due to strains or stiffness / Ankle instability
RECOVER & PREVENT INJURY: Retains body heat to warm ankle and increase blood circulation. The Neoprene material helps retain body heat, speeding up the healing process. Minimise chances of future injuries. Provides support and protection to muscles helping with rheumatism and also can be used more generally for sports activities.

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