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WHAT IS SOLACE CARE RUNNERS KNEE STRAP? It Provides protection, relief and compression for chronic knee pain. Three-way compression targets all around the knee to help relieve chronic knee pain. Adjustable straps ensure personalized fit and compression. Its lightweight design does not compromise mobility.
IDEAL FOR: This item would be ideal for use for people with patella tendinitis, arthritis, Osgood Shlatters and other types of stress and pain related knee injuries. The Precision Support Knee Strap works for Jumpers knee, Runners knee, tendonitis, arthritis and Osgood- Schlatters. Cushion feature to reduce stress on impact.
RECOMMENDED FOR: Jumpers knee iliotibial band syndrome runners knee patella tendonitis arthritis Osgood-Schlatters disease Quad Mis-Alignment

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