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EASE AND PORTABILITY – What good is foot relief if the process is complicated? We make things easy. No need for foam rollers; on-the-go stress relief and foot rejuvenation is now at your fingertips – literally! Our spiky massage ball can withstand upto 300 lbs of pressure. Conveniently sized for gym, office, home, vacation and more. Experience the soothing feeling of tranquility as your feet and muscles are freed from aches, tiredness, spasms and nagging pressure at crucial points!
EFFECTIVE RELIEF – Working out? The spiky layer offers a stimulating effect and increases circulation throughout your entire body both pre and post workout. This will hit all trigger points and rejuvenate all areas of your body, so you can train harder for longer. The Physix Spiky Massage Balls have the power to soothe tight muscles on demand. Experience deep tissue myofascial release, boost blood flow and faster recovery times. Fast relief from Plantar Fasciitis, Neck & Back Pain
BE REBORN – Get back in the game with a firm Durable Roller large enough to reach each knot but small enough for comfortable use in bed. Feel young and reborn by isolating problem areas in the body, increasing flexibility, enhancing Physio Rehab and preventing injury. Our unique Self Massage Tool rolls away the deep muscle knots in the ball of your foot. The physical therapy will diminish your pain and make your feet light all day. Say goodbye to Plantar Fasciitis and sore muscles!

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