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LOVELY TOYS FOR CHILDREN, TEENS & ADULTS – Still use a traditional and boring hot water bottle? Replace it with our cute panda which has a hot water bottle in his tummy to provide you warm hugs. The cuddly panda is outrageously soft & cuddly and is perfect for you or your children to cuddle with and stay warm. The panda plush cover is made from non-allergenic fabric and is designed not to shed. It will be your new best friend and will help chase away stress, tension & fears.
WARM & SAFE – The warmth of the hot water bottle helps you fall asleep faster & stay asleep. It is made of eco-friendly and durable natural rubber material which is safe to use & worry free. Ribbed outer surface helps maintain liquid temperature for hours. Extra large mouth allows for easy filling and prevention of spills. Easy-grip cap makes it simple to open & close the bottle securely with very little effort.
IDEAL FOR QUICK PAIN RELIEF & COMFORT – The water bottle set is flexible and can be molded to any part of your body to get the heat exactly where it needs to be to relieve pain and discomfort. Some of its benefits & uses are soothing aches & pains, melting away muscular tension, diminishing arthritis pain & menstrual pain, bed warmer, television companion, book buddy, traveling companion, dog & cat’s warm friend, etc.

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