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Mini Berg is small, portable and suitable to use at home, in the office or while travelling, almost everywhere. This acupressure foot mat represents one of the best alternative therapy instruments for foot pain relief. It is affordable, suitable for all ages and very easy to use. Pamper your feet after a long walk, workout or while working or watching TV.
It is recommendable to apply Mini Berg 2-5 minutes a day (or longer, as long as you feel comfortable), 4-5 times a week. Be moderate and enjoy in various types of acupressure foot massage. Recommended: Drink a glass of 200 ml mineral water before and after the foot acupressure.
Massage of the arch the of feet: Place your feet around a central dot on the surface and walk on the acupressure nodes. Massage of the toes: Place your toes on the beginning of acupressure surface and walk on your tiptoes.

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