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KNEE PROTECTOR: Optimal compression grade to improves blood circulation & muscle exercise and protect the knees, reduces inflammation and swelling, prevents blood pooling, stimulates blood flow helps recovery from knee injuries & pain,help to relieves pressure and reduces stress on the knee-joint during intense exercise and heavy usage.
CHOOSE THREE SIZES FOR THE BEST FIT Measure Thigh Circumference at 5.5″ Above the Mid Point of the Patella: Medium 14.5″ to 16″, Large 16″ to 18″ and X-Large 18″ to 20.5″. Mens and Ladies.
Double adjustable pressure straps provide extra support to the knee cap remains in its proper position,no rolling down or sliding down.Can provide different compression when you in different conditions. Silicone ring for kneecap stabilizing and distributes stress across the ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL ligaments, lowering the risk of re-injury.

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