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The 7 mm tough Rehband neoprene knee brace [1 Pair] gives you more stability during strength and fitness and heavy weight training. The knee brace boosts blood flow, a pressure on the muscles stabilisation and is a great support during rehabilitation. Rehband bandages are in close cooperation with, Rehband ambassadors ‘developed to continuously improve their functionality and quality. So well known top athletes use these products.
The construction of Rehband knee brace is based on a unique patent, which ensures their anatomical fit. At each training session, the bandage ensures that active movements are optimized and supported, but their physical freedom of movement is not restricted. So the bandage provides a high intensive training and relieves at the same time the pain from possible strains.
This Rehband knee brace combines the key elements of stability, compression and warmth. The stability, the athlete receives a mental and physical sense of security. Compression helps prevent injury and actively supports the regeneration process. The heat protects your joints as well as soft tissues from injury. By the interaction of these elements, it is possible that your performance improves.

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