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A MUST HAVE FOR SQUATTING AND MORE – FITVILLAIN knee sleeves are designed to provide your knees with supreme support by giving them comfortable and strong compression. Excellent for leg extensions, leg presses, squatting, lunges, CrossFit training, basketball, football, soccer, weight lifting, powerlifting and other workouts or sports. The neoprene compression construction increases oxygen delivery and reduces vibration in active muscles. It’s a must have for any intensive activities.
BETTER QUALITY, TRUE THICK NEOPRENE – Made of ultra-thick, premium quality neoprene, 7mm wide layer, much thicker than the average product on the market. FITVILLAIN knee sleeves are ultra-durable, breathable, easily washable, and feature antibacterial coating. Provides you with tried and tested TRUE compression support. FITVILLAIN’s industry leading expert grade reinforced knit structure delivers 360 degree stretch for greater flexibility, unsurpassed power and durability.
MUSCLE RECOVERY & INJURY PREVENTION – Train harder, perform better, and recover faster – all without knee pain. FITVILLAIN knee sleeves guarantee to balance and support your knees and will help relieve muscle pain. Our knee braces promote rehabilitation in case your knees are already damaged. This inexpensive investment will help prevent knee injury and provide a performance boost for any kind of sports. Your performance will peak with FITVILLAIN knee braces.

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