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【What is this?】 — This is a lumbar brace that can soothe and support your tired, aching back. With the Charminer lumbar pain-relief belt, it helps to aligns, massages and heats your back and core, and achieve the aim of instant back pain relief and comfort.
【Why choose us?】 — Ergonomic design, 3 removable supporting bars perfectly fit your waist, you can adjust the tightness to give desire stress to help lumbar pain relief; 2 fixed elastic supporting bars give comfortable pressure, which is perfect for regular support; 1 detachable heating pad with tourmaline stones, which gives you a warm chemical-free massage – Mild heat, about 1-2 degrees higher than your body temperature.
【What size should I choose?】 — The size might be smaller than regular,please select a size according to the information we provide. Waist about 73-85cm(28.5-33.4in) fit “L”, Waist about 86-95cm(33.5-37.4in) fit “XL”, Waist about 96-105cm(37.5-41.3in) fit “XXL”.

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