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Effective a full massage cushion prevent pain and Stressbedingte sleep disorders – completely natural and side effects: The application of nail cushion gleicht a neck massage, it is an effective way to for quick relaxation. It is based on the Jahrtausendealten tradition, the Chinese medicine (TCM). Naturheilkundliche process as acupuncture and acupressure wirken pain targeted areas and Beein?Ussen our Wohlbe?Nden positively.
Allow Increased circulation, the Glück hormones endorphin and Oxyt Ocin: The Schmerzreduzierende effect this hormone relieves headaches, relieves muscle tension, to promote relaxation and improves the deep night sleep – This means it at dusk particularly good time. Users can all fit in a short time deep relaxation and Füheln after relax fresh and full of energy.
A handy aid: The Cushion can be effortlessly effortlessly into everyday use as well. Because of many acupressure nodes gleichzeitig thanks to activate your own body weight, the effect is very strong. You can feel a Angenhemen pressing on the tips on the neck is that it is comfortably warm and good blood circulation. Initially sit them for about 10 minutes on the mat, it increases to you want.

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