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Available in 8 sizes. Please do not go by your trouser size. Measure around your belly button area for a perfect fit. Small (27-31 inches); Medium (32-35 inches); Large (36-39 inches); X-Large (40-43 inches); 2X-Large (44-47 inches); 3X-Large (48-51 inches); 4X-Large (52-55 inches); 5X-Large (56-60 inches).
Used by NHS Patients. A top quality double pull lumbar brace offering both compression and support to the abdominal and lower back muscles. Provides comfort, support and warmth to relieve pain.
The Double Pull Neoprene Back Support is the most recommended brace in the market by Doctors and Physiotherapists. Designed by back experts, this brace aims to provide both stability and flexibility to the users.